Welcome to Bali art and craft. Wood carvings from the hands of typical Balinese artisans who have their own unique art Established in 2018, which is located in the Gianyar area of Bali, Indonesia. Wood carving is an art synonymous with Bali. When you go to Bali, you will see many types of wood carvings, ranging from ornaments in restaurants and hotel interiors to carved statues found in galleries. Carving can be found in various forms, so many people like and use this carving as a home decoration.

Here, Bali Art and Craft has various kinds of modern Balinese art carvings with unique carvings of high quality and affordable prices made with great care by the hands of Balinese artists. Our products are handmade by Balinese art and craft craftsmen and are made with care, focus, and, of course, a happy mood. You can see that with intricate details, you can produce good-quality woodcarving products. And our products are made when ordered.

We have over a hundred designs in all crafts, and all designs are in high demand by the international community. Another goal for us to build this business is that we are eager to bring and introduce high-quality traditional handicraft products to the world, help our local artisans create high-quality handicrafts and increase their competitiveness in the global market, as well as generate sustainable business opportunities for both our Balinese artisans.